How long does it take you to paint a painting?


There is no straightforward answer to this.  One of the reasons that I price my work based on square inches is because painting time can vary so much for the same size painting.  Some things that play a role in how long it takes me to do a painting are: my familiarity of the subject matter, if I'm trying a new-to-me technique, if I am using a new colour palette, and the size of the canvas or support.


I also don't keep very precise track of how long it takes me for each painting.  Should I only count the time I have a paint brush in my hand? Or do I count the time I sit and look at it and decide what changes to make? It's these reasons why I have no straight forward answer to this question.


Whew, thanks for sticking with me through that long answer!


Do you accept commissions?

I do! I accept a limited number of commissions through out the year.  If you are interested in a commission please get in touch with me.

Please note that I only accept commissions in the subject matter I work in (animals, landscapes and florals) and in the style I paint.

Commissions are priced higher then my other work.  I am happy to provide a quote and require half the price before I begin painting.